Our history

Founded in 2002, Barber Shop is the first Barbershop to be recognized in the "Cut & Dry" International Paul Mitchell magazine. Barber Shop has been voted Leading Barbershop in  Hippo Press Readers pole from 2007 to 2015. Our barbershop has also been voted as the third best in NH by Channel 9 internet vote in 2014,  as well as the Best Barbershop according to Union Leader Readers. Shortly afterwards, we were​ featured on the cover of the National American Barber magazine.

Barber Shop services clients ~mostly men~ of all ages and professions.


Simon ( manager )

Simon has been in the hairdressing industry for over 10 years. His career started in his home country, Ireland. Since moving to London in 2011, his friendly demeanour and diversity has helped him establish a loyal following. Simon is an expert in all aspects of men’s hairdressing.
From being a qualified hair loss advisor to getting the closest shave, he has many traits that has built the clientelle he has today.
Simon has a great understanding of people’s hair requirements and enjoys making the clients look and feel at their best, he looks forward to seeing everyone soon.


Scott is a highly skilled barber with over 15 years of experience, he started training from a very young age and has gone on to work in some of London’s highly reputable barber shops. Scott is very passionate about his work from his razor sharp haircuts to mastered traditional wet shaves, which he has become very popular for.


Sabrina is our Barber-ella with over 20 years experience. Throughout her career she has always been in London. She is a South London girl and cuts hair with a Caribbean twist. In her career she has worked in the likes of Soho and the City of London where she acquired her management skills . She is warm, bubbly and very welcoming and she has a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of the barbering world. She can make a Beckham out of a Boris.


Richard has been working in the West End for his entire career. He trained in the West End and has a background with Trevor Sorbie and Vidal Sasoon. He has been a manager for 18 years in the Royal Automobile Club. During his time there, he has acquired a high profile clientelle. Richard is well versed in both Classic and contemporary hairdressing. He has great communication and understanding of clients’ needs and requirements. We are glad to have him on board.


Polite, professional, charming and courteous team. The best haircut I have ever had! Simon was full of crack, was more than happy to suggest the best cut for me and he even offered a free beverage - what more could I ask for?!

Todd R

It’s my first visit, and I had excellent haircut and beard trim, I’m very happy and will come back again.

Mark S

I recently had my haircut with Scott, by far the best haircut I have ever had! It feels good knowing that I have finally found a barber who can make me look and feel my best.

Daniel D

First time I've had my haircut by Simon and he nailed it. I like the new look of the place and it's still my favorite barber shop.

Stephen V